Finding Mulberry Agenda (A6) Inserts

Filofax Belmont in personal size to the left, and Mulberry Agenda  to the right.
Filofax Belmont in personal size to the left, and Mulberry Agenda to the right.

Mulberry binders often flummox Filofax users. Many people do not realize that Mulberry Agenda binders (the most popular size) are not the same size as a Filofax. When the binder comes people are rattled by how small the binders seem. Then they are worried because there is only a very small selection of Mulberry inserts and you cannot buy others off the shelf.  Unfortunately this leads to many people not giving this size binder a chance before selling them off in a panic.

Believe me, once you get used to the size it is very easy to become very dependant on it. It is smaller than Personal but bigger than Pocket. Not big, not bulky, not heavy. And while you do battle to find things like plastic pockets (it is not impossible though) you can find nice A6 refills in various places.

Some examples are:



Succes Senior size inserts – find them at (also have nice plastic pockets, rulers etc)


Ulrika from our Mulberry Agenda Facebook Group makes brilliant inserts. Contact her via Private Message to order

And of course you can buy inserts from Mulberry – both in-store and online. They have a smaller range than the sellers above but they are made of good paper with the Mulberry watermark and logo on each page.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hello Janet,

    I searched for A6 binders and found your article.
    Sadly, two of your links dont work any more, Quimmis and Appelboom dont exist any more.
    Do you know new brands that would propose A6 inserts, I mean for BINDERS ?
    Thank you in advance.


  2. Great article and very helpful in learning about the A6 size. Sounds exactly like the size I need for my handbag. Thank you.

  3. Mulberry’s Agenda refills are far too expensive. I’ve invested in a Rapesco Adjustable Diary Punch 66-P (since paid for itself many times over) and, for a diary, now buy an A6 week to view one from Tallon (the 2015 version was £3 from Amazon), which is not difficult to unstitch. Works a dream for me!

  4. Hi Janet, Mulberry has a true a6 (10,5 x 15 cm) Succes Senior has 9,5 width x 15 cm. Would you know of any other easily available brand how sells 10,5 x 15 cm? Or would I have to use printables? (I’d rather not..)
    thnx! Marieke

    1. Hello Janet,

      Do you know what brands other than Mulberry itself that have inserts for Mulberry Planner A5? I think Rapesco has a hole puncher that goes well with Mulberry Agenda? Do you know if it suits the Mulberry Planner size too?

      Thank you.

      1. As far as I know you can adjust a Rapesco for different sizes. The Mulberry Planner has the same hole spacing as a Filofax personal size.

  5. I absolutely love your Mulberry Agenda! The grain is lovely. We really miss out on things here.

  6. Hi again Janet!
    Do you know if Mulberry themselves sell inserts online, or do I have to find a Mulberry store? (Being in London that’s probably not too difficult, but I’m lazy…)
    Have a good weekend!

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