Downsized from A5 to Personal and probably now to Pocket



I have traditionally been an A5 user. For years it was my size of choice. It fit A4 pages folded, it had nice big rings so fit more papers than a personal, it allowed lots of space to write and I could fit articles I needed for my teaching in plastic envelopes. But oh how heavy it was! After years of carrying one, it just got too much. It was big and heavy – unwieldy in my handbag, bulky to carry and most of all, weighed so much. This meant that more and more often I was leaving it at home because I couldn’t face carrying it all day, and then needing something which was in it. It was making me less efficient rather than more.

I also had to carry a wallet in addition to my A5 binder. And a rather large one at that as I have quite a number of entry cards to my different workplaces.

So about 8 months ago I took the decision to try and downsize. I moved into a personal size Ostrich Buttercup and was converted. I didn’t need to carry a wallet with me, it fit everything I needed. Turns out I didn’t need as much as I thought I did. I could carry it everywhere and I really did have everything all in one place. After getting used to the smaller format (which was completely painless), I couldn’t imagine carrying an A5 with me daily. Instead I now have an A5 at home holding bills to be paid, personal documents to be dealt with, financial records and paperwork for anything to do with my apartment or pets.

Now that I have been using personal as my EDC (Every Day Carry) for so long, I am actually considering downsizing to a pocket size. This will take some more research and planning as I will need to find a pocket with enough credit card pockets plus a full length wallet pocket across the back and 19mm rings or bigger. But it is definitely doable. I have an Akiko pocket binder which I use as my journal and to hold wish lists, lists of treats I would like to splurge on and lists for what I want to do in London when I am there in July. I have found that is actually quite roomy if you only carry what you need and are not overambitious. My wallet, calendar and to do lists for work would definitely fit into a pocket size if I found one with a good design. I have a candidate in mind.

Watch this space!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I have pre-ordered a pocket Mia Cara as my EDC including wallet (going from using Filofax The Purse, without the rings, and a personal Malden). I also have an A5 at home. I’m sure I can do it.

  2. Strange, but I don’t recongise the model pictured? I, too, used primarily an A5 for many years, as it provided me with the space I needed to track the work I was doing for my clients, but now that I no longer consult, I’ve switched to a Personal. I have a Pocket Kensington (which you might like, as it has a full-length wallet pocket), but the Pocket is just too small for my tastes. I use it as a vehicle mileage log, and it lives int eh glovebox of my car.

    1. They are Gillio Mia Caras – gorgeous binders but pricey. I really love Kensingtons too so I would love to find out more about the pocket size.

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