Filofax M2 cherry Cross

I was recently contacted by KentfromOz about this Filfoax M2.  Kent was aware that I was looking for an M2 and saw this one offered for sale locally in Australia.  He offered to purchase it as my proxy and send it along.  I was familiar with the Cross M2 because of Steve’s excellent Philofaxy post.  I happily agreed and a few weeks later it arrived.

The M2 is a pretty brilliant solution for pocket notes.  The long, slim shape slips easily into a pocket and the pages are not overly cramped to write on.

Here are some additional pictures.  Kent sent this with Steve Morton’s phILOFAXY card, which I was happy to receive!

I’m looking forward to trying this out as a pocket note capture device.  Looking it over, I don’t think it will work very well as my wallet but would suffice for the occasional time when I don’t need all of my plastic cards with me.


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