Binders with full length back/wallet pocket

I have full length back pockets in three of my binders – my pocket and A5 Mia Caras and my personal Compagna – all by Gillio.

A full length wallet pocket across the back of a binder is a fabulous feature and once you get used to using a binder with it, it is something you really miss when you use one without it. It can be used to store A4 papers (in the A5) and larger pieces of paper than a binder of the size can usually store. In the pocket sizes it can be use to store notes (as in money), making it more functional as a wallet.

Full length wallet pockets on binders are more widely available in pocket and mini sizes – find a comprehensive list of these at

Below are some brands with the harder to find personal and A5 sizes featuring a full length back pocket. Raika is available in personal size only. ,

Not all Balmorals have this feature so check before you buy that it has the full length back pocket



Gillio Compagna


Gillio Mia Cara
Raika (photo by Robyn Placek)
Raika (photo by Robyn Placek)


Van Der Spek Touch Me
Van Der Spek Touch Me


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  1. I had a lovely Franklin Quest binder in brown nappa leather with golden 30mm rings and the wallet pocket. This binder was made with stiffening in both layers of the cover, so it was incredibly bulky! Most of the models mentioned have little or no stiffening and this makes them too floppy for me. It appears that the Balmoral strikes a nice balance of stiff covers with thin overall construction.

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