HOTD #26 – Lush Wangalike

photo-8This is one bag I omitted from my Lush bag collection – mainly because I forgot about it until today.

I wanted an Alexander Wang Coco (later renamed the Rocco because of a copyright dispute with Chanel) but was a bit worried about the wearability and practicality.

So I got a blue one from Lush.

My view on this one is that it is a beautiful bag. The colour is stunning, the pebbled leather is soft and smooshy and glorious. The zips on the side pockets are cute and the inside has nice pockets and pouches. It really crept into my heart and I have such a soft spot for it. Would take a lot for me to sell it.

However – handles too short, studs make it heavy and a bit of a peril when you are anywhere near a glass shop counter. And don’t even attempt to get this through a security check at the airport. If it gets through usually takes a couple of staff quite a while to clear it while a long queue sighs behind you. It is also a little short from side to side so hard to get things in and out.


So I didn’t buy a real one but I have kept this one and use it quite often because I think it is a very attractive bag

There is a pocket like this on each end of the bag – each one has a zipper on either side.

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