HOTD #15 – Mulberry Roxanne in Oak


I have taken two shots of this one. The one at the top of the post shows the true colour but the two below taken with the flash show more how the constant wear has caused darkening on the pockets and straps (not seen) which makes it even more beautiful.

This was the first Mulberry bag after the Giselle  which deviated from the ‘scotchgrain sensible older woman’ stamp Mulberry had at the time. I remember seeing one in a shop window and thinking it was just so beautiful but too ‘craft stall’ and ‘handmade’ looking to be to my taste as a Mulberry bag. Plus it was unlined. Like all great loves though it grew on me over time and I really adore this bag. I am so delighted I have one because they are discontinued  the style a few years ago.

photo-18 photo-16


This is a Mulberry Roxanne in Oak Darwin. This model was originally called the Roxy but Roxy Quiksilver (the surf brand) sued Mulberry, who then had to change it. It has two straps, two front pockets and a flap-over/flap-under top which can be worn with both flaps upright if it is full. There is one inside pocket with heavy duty zipper and Mulberry disk tag. No serial number. Each of the studs has the Mulberry tree on them. There are D-ring tags on the sides but no strap was included with the bag. I fixed this by buying a Rosemary (smaller version of the Roxanne which came with a strap) from Mulberry and I use that when I travel. This bag has been discontinued.


Beautiful bag. Holds A4. The front pockets are very practical. Comfy to carry. Fits over the shoulder, over arm and in hand. I live in Sweden so when I have my huge down jacket on it doesn’t go on my shoulder but that does not happen very often). Becomes more beautiful the more you use it. Lasts a lifetime.


Can be heavy


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet,
    I have this Mulberry Roxanne Oak Darwin that I don’t think I’ve used more than a couple of times. I MUST use it. I have soooo many handbags. My Mulberry has a couple of differences. The ringed flaps on the ends are finished rather than raw leather. I do not have the gold tree medallion hanging from the Mulberry printed leather label on the inside pocket. It still looks brand new.

    I have followed you on Twitter for quite a long time and look at your blog when you referene something there, I.e. the Van der Spek goodies. I only yesterday saw your handbag entries and I am blown away. You would love my “Girl’s Room”, as the sign over the door says. I probably have 300 handbags in there. My biggest obsession, though, remains my handmade leather handbags. I have many from one artist in particular.

    Wish we could compare handbags someday. We would make wonderful neighbors.

    Peggy Love

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