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Supernatural has loads of ring organisers and small Moleskine type notebooks which they use to identify and record supernatural creatures.

If you are a Supernatural fan, John Winchester has a large tan 3-ring organiser that serves as a journal and reference book. This book was ordered by his father in 1958 and has his initials on the inside left cover.

Bobby Singer and Samuel Campbell have smaller (look like personal or pocket size) black ring binders for the same purpose.

Sam Winchester uses a small black Moleskine-type notebook now and then. You also see leather trifold notebooks with wrap fasteners on various altars over the years.

The bunker has many ring binders and bound volumes in its archives.

You can actually buy replicas of John Winchester’s journal online, interestingly enough.

Notebook nerdvana!

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  1. I love Supernatural, and the fact that they use so many ring organisers and notebooks makes me love the show even more! 😀

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