HOTD #12 – Large Proenza Schouler PS1 in Purple Rain


This is the bag that gave me the idea of starting the Handbag of the Day (HOTD) posts. I added two pics of it  at the end of a Filofax post and it received many comments. Of all my bags, this receives more comments than any other – people everywhere mention the beautiful color….in shops, on the bus, colleagues (even my boss who never notices things like that!)

I very seldom carry coloured bags – I have a few but I usually stick to black or brown. This bag though is the most stunning stunning colour. The style is a well-known one but quite anonymous and generic-looking. The colour is what makes this bag pop.


It is a Proenza Schouler large PS1 tote in Purple Rain. It has a detachable shoulder/cross-body strap and a briefcase-type handle on the top of the flap-over top. All zippers are gold heavy duty metal. There is one zip across the bag, one across the front and one inside. There is a pocket on the front that fits A5 and which usually holds my Filofax or my Ipad mini. The leather is smooth and soft but very hardwearing. Lined in black jaquard. The clip closure is very very well designed. You just slip it through the slot and click. You can do it with one hand and you can open and close without fiddling or faffing around while people behind you in queues sigh with frustration…


Light, hardwearing, perfect combination of straps. I usually hate bags with two sets of straps but these work perfectly. The colour is stunning and the lining is tough and strong with a gorgeous texture.



I bought mine at – they sell genuine designer brands at under the retail price. Also have frequent discount codes where you can get deep discounts and free shipping. I buy expensive bags to celebrate promotions, performance related bonuses, new jobs etc and this is one of the best places to buy that investment bag. Proenza Schouler have excellent resale value.

I have chosen stock photos here which best reflect the colour of the bag. Below is a photo I took with my phone and you can see that it really does not bring out the gorgeous violet blue very well.


To give an idea of size
To give an idea of size

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi! I love this bag also! Can I ask though: How is it holding up? Any fading or changes to color over time?

    Thanks so much!

    1. One thing about this colourway is that the leather is a lot more delicate than on the others like the blacks. There is some fade on the inside where there has been rubbing but nothing on the outside that I can notice. I bought it purely for the colour and so am glad it has held. I don’t use it for extended periods of time though as I would a black one, but that is more due to the fact that the leather is so soft and delicate and probably would not stand up to very heavy loads or wear.

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