Post No. 2 for The Start Up Project

Hi Readers! I’ve got Belen back today with her second post for The Start Up Project! If you missed her first post, you can go HERE to get all caught up!


Thanks for tuning in again. This post is about calendars and diary inserts. (All these files are available on thanks to the skills and generosity of the Philofaxy community.)

Weekly Diary with Notes

I tend to use different calendar and diary formats depending on the projects I have going on. This particular one works very well with the way I use the GTD (David Allen’s “Get Things Done”) system.

On the left is the week view. I use this page to note activities that have to happen at a certain date and time like appointments, webinars, meetings, sales at Staples, and other very important events.

On the right is a page for lists of tasks. I use the GTD Next Action concept to make my lists. I don’t waste time categorizing the tasks any further. It’s all business-related and it’s all stuff I can do any time this week. Since I carry the Filofax with me I can refer to it whenever I have some extra time.
(You may have noticed the washi tape on this page. You may be thinking, “Didn’t she say last week that she didn’t decorate her pages?” You got me! I have dabbled in decorating my pages, but in this case, the tape is corrective. I cut the page all wonky so I used the tape to cover up the ragged edge.)

So far you have seen all the “clean” versions of these pages, but don’t be fooled, I’m an avid user of sticky notes. This one is especially useful if you keep a list of things you need to buy. You can just take it with you when you go shopping.


Grids are awesome. This timetable format is especially helpful if your daily routines differ throughout the week, as mine do. I use it for an overview of my time and to see where I may have chunks of time to fit in new ongoing/recurring commitments. I only draw up a new one when my routines change.

Annual Project Planners

This my absolute favorite annual calendar format. It is priceless for anyone who has a lot of deadlines. The linear layout makes it easy to scan and easy to count out days, business days, weeks and holidays. The fact that the weekends line up makes it easy to schedule recurring monthly events. For example, one professional association meets on the first Friday of every month and another networking group meets on the third Wednesdays. This calendar is for reference and planning purposes. After I determine that I need to write something down, I put it in the weekly diary.
That’s all for now. Thanks for reading! My next post will be about the Research section and accessories.

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