Smythson Manuscript Book Collection


Here is a photo of my Smythson manuscript books. They are the larger size.

  • a turquoise croco print with coral satin lining
  • a lapis snakeskin print with blue satin lining
  • black lambskin with blue satin lining and ‘I Own Now’ embossing
  • a peridot croco print with maroon lining.

Love them – expensive but that  blue featherweight paper takes a beating, is really light so a big book is very light and the binding stands up to unbelievable battering.

  • My black one is full – client notes covering about three years
  • My blue one is almost full – general notes from last year.
  • My turquoise one I started this year with general notes for this year
  • My peridot is waiting for next year.

Best times and places to buy them – Christmas and summer sales at airport duty free shops.

I have also included a premier notebook in black and a wafer notebook in pink. I have a tan pigskin premier (now sadly discontinued but that leather was epic!) and a blue wafer notebook but I can’t find them today. Had another pink wafer but threw it away when it was full and am really sorry about that now.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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