Blowing my own trumpet

Just found this link from 1998 when I was voted one of the top women in the world in New Media by an American publication. Wonder what on earth happened because I can barely manage to unjam a photocopier these days.. .and I can Twitter, but not very well.

OJR asked San Francisco-based Rebecca Lynn Eisenberg and London-based J.L. Perrone to give us their best crack at providing a list of the significant female players in the industry. This task was not easy: there are so many women who deserve mention. While the following list is by no means comprehensive, we hope that it gives a fair representation of the caliber of women who are forging a place for themselves in new media.

The Academics

Janet Carr — Rhodes University, South Africa. Carr developed and taught the first CARR course in Africa, and trains students and journalists in the arts of online research and writing for the Internet.

1995 – teaching the first bunch of journalists in Africa Lynx and Pine. I am on the far right. Next to me is Guy Berger, now Director of Freedom of Information and Media Development at UNESCO

I have had strange things with my surname – Carr. My first job was at the university Transport Office while I was studying. When I used to answer the phone ‘Transport Office, Miss Carr speaking’ people would think I was joking. Then my next boss was Mr Lawrie (pronounced ‘lorry’) so I would answer the phone ‘Mr Lawrie’s office, Miss Carr speaking’ and had the same reaction. And then I started teaching Computer Aided Research and Reporting (CARR). Weird, huh?

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Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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