My Filofax Collection

A previous post I did on my A5 Filofaxes included this photograph, which has been very popular


Top row: Grey Malden, Cinnamon Siena, Black Metropol.

Bottom row: Brown Amazona, Orange Finsbury, Gold Snake Domino

Right hand row: Grey Malden, Brown Kendal

On windowsill: Cinnamon Siena.

All in use – for work, for my various extra mural activities, for writing, for blogging, for different clients.

Below is a pic of my entire collection on my shelf


Left to right: Mini Teal Baroque, two Personal Brown Belmonts, two Personal Aqua Modes, A5 Grey Malden, A5 Cinnamon Siena, A5 Grey Malden, A5 Black Metropol, A5 Brown Amazona, A5 Brown Kendal, A5 Bronze Snake Domino, A5 Cinnamon Siena, A5 Orange Finchley.

The A5s are all for work, the Personals are for hobbies, the mini is for travelling.

Favourites: Orange Finchley, Domino Snake, Brown Kendal and Teal Baroque

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

6 thoughts

  1. I really enjoy your blog!Why do you own two grey Malden A5 and two Siena?I also love the A5 size,but I don’t have 2 similar binders in the same colour.
    Just being curious ;o)
    Kind regards from Hamburg :o)

    1. Good question! Whenever I love something they discontinue it so when it comes to wallets or Filofaxes, if they are 50% off I buy two. That way when my fave wears out then I have another one. If the love wears off then I sell the new one – usually for what I paid for it. I do the same with clothes – buy multiples if I like something 🙂

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