Nomination and other Italian link bracelets

Two people contacted me yesterday asking about Nomination bracelets, after I mentioned them in a post.

Italian charm bracelets (the largest company is Nomination) are not well-known in all countries, but you can easily find them online (the official site and Etsy are two good places to start). I was given my first bracelet and my first two charms (a South African flag and a Leo star sign) by my bonus mum 13 years ago. Since then I have been gifted and bought enough charms to fill four bracelets.

Many charm bracelets incorporate dangly charms on a link bracelet. Others, like Pandora, have charms which slide onto a round bracelet.

Italian charm bracelets bracelets are somewhat different in that the bracelets are stretchy and the charms sit flat against your arm. You can also buy Italian charm link watches.The bracelets and charms come in different widths and colours.

You can use a tool to add and remove them, but once you get the hang of it, you can just use your fingers. Each time you add a charm, you remove a blank link. Once your bracelet is full, you then have another blank one to gift to a loved one, or fill.

You can also find some really nice off-brand sites that can engrave and reproduce photographs onto your charms.


I ususally wear one or two bracelets at a time. I mix up the themes and colours now and then but I am happy with my present arrangement. My charms are:

  1. a red rose
  2. a violet
  3. a South African flag (I was born there)
  4. an Irish flag (my father was Irish so I have been a citizen from birth)
  5. a Swedish flag (I live here)
  6. a swimmer (my favourite sport)
  7. a car (my surname is Carr)
  8. a graduation cap
  9. a computer (I used to fix them for a living)
  10. a book (I love to read and write)
  11. a pen (I love to write)
  12. a Cancer (my star sign – I am on the cusp of Leo and Cancer)
  13. a Leo (see above)
  14. a giraffe (I love going on safari)
  15. a fern (I often stay at a fern plantation in South Africa)
  16. two cat charms (I love cats)
  17. ‘I love RU'(my alma mater was Rhodes Universty, known as RU)
  18. ‘be happy ‘(my motto)
  19. a handbag
  20. ‘shop’
  21. an EU flag
  22. a butterfly
  23. a lapis lazuli
  24. a ruby (my birthstone)
  25. a cameo (I love cameos)
  26. a J (my initial)
  27. a pair of jeans (my favourite item of clothing)
  28. a vuvuzela (always heard at South African sporting events)
  29. an apple (my favourite fruit)
  30. a toadstool (I love them)
  31. a black diamond (I love them)
  32. dice
  33. a snowflake (because I live in Sweden)
  34. a bumble bee ( I love bumble bees because they aren’t able to fly but they do it anyway)
  35. a plane (I travel a lot)
  36. an @ sign (I worked with email from the very beginning)
  37. claddagh
  38. ‘joy'(my middle name)
  39. a cup of tea (I love tea)
  40. 50 (got it when I turned 50)
  41. a squirrel (I love squirrels)
  42. hope (very important in life)
  43. a diamond (I love them!)
  44. a reindeer (because I live in Sweden)
  45. a smiley (I love them)
  46. a red AIDS ribbon (very important cause)
  47. a pink breast cancer ribbon (very important cause)
  48. a shell (I love the beach)
  49. happy (because I am)
  50. a peace sign (I love them)
  51. a German flag (my mother was German)
  52. a paw print (I love animals)
  53. Eiffel Tower (my favourite landmark)
  54. A ‘C’ (my surname)
  55. I love SA
  56. an amethyst

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

5 thoughts

  1. These bracelets look so beautiful. They both look familiar and at the same time, I’m surprised to see them. I wonder if I haven’t had a bracelet like this when I was little. I checked my (German) Amazon and I can see that the bracelets are being sold there.

    I am more of a fan of the Pandora bracelets. I have three: two bangles and a regular bracelet. One bangle is Harry Potter themed and the other one is Star Wars themed. My regular bracelet has got charms that represent my husband, my daughter and my cat. I love charm bracelets because we can customize them and make them so unique!

    1. That sounds lovely! I had Pandora-like bracelets for a year (it was a subscription club) or so but I never found the secret of how to stack the charms.

      1. Me neither but it doesn’t stop me! I love the fact that it’s very me and that’s what matters! Sometimes you can buy ready made (and ready stacked!) bracelets. When we were in Mallorca, our hotel was selling Pandora type bracelets that were ready to wear and they looked so lovely. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good eye for mixing and matching jewelry or clothes…

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