Vitakraft Liquid Snacks for cats

I had never really noticed these liquid cat treats until my former boss was visiting Stockholm from South Africa and looking for some for his cat, who adored them so much he was going to take some back with him.

I decided if they were so nice that my ex-boss was restocking from halfway across the world, I would try them.

Oh my…

…the cats are now addicted. They know they get one after dinner and they hover around for them. The looks on their faces as they eat them is worth every penny.

I have also heard that they are very good if you have a cat that refuses to eat.

They are quite pricey but I have been able to find great discounts from online shops. Our cats love the chicken one.

Be warned though, once you start…

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

5 thoughts

  1. This article really highlights how irresistible these liquid cat treats are! It’s amazing to see cats becoming addicted and eagerly waiting for their treat after dinner. Not only do they satisfy picky eaters, but they also offer great discounts online. Definitely worth a try for any cat owner!

  2. My cats love them too. I discovered those sticks about four years ago and since then they’ve had one every evening as a treat. I also give them malt cream sticks (Miamor cat cream) and it helps them eliminate fur balls they can have in their stomach. They are absolutely mad about them.

    1. Thanks Nathalie. Strangely enough, my boss discovered the Vitakraft sticks for his cat when he and his wife lived in Paris. I am actually going to take some with me for their cat when we go to South Africa next year. A cat’s gotta have his treats! I am going to have to try the malt cream sticks too because we have two who have hair balls during season changes.

  3. Minou (my cat) loves these sticks. I get a different brand but the principle is the same. Poor Fatrick, that’s not going to help him lose weight! 😀

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