Harley loves his walks

Harley has been going on walks since he was very young, so he has no problems with a leash or harness. He is great around dogs, other cats, and people, and he – surprisingly for a cat – listens to voice commands.

In the video below Harley was on the Agria Cat Parade. He is wearing a little bandana with the Agria (our cat insurance) logo on it, and you could post to social media or greet other cats out on the cat parade at the same time.

Our cats are insured through a company that specialises in animal insurance. Previously, my cat insurance was done through my home insurance company, but I found through bitter experience that their dental cover was not extensive enough.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Harley looks very happy and comfortable wandering around in hus harness and leash!

    Over here in the UK, Agria are the underwriters for e.g. the Kennel Club Health Plan insurance scheme. All our dogs have been insured with them – they’re not the cheapest by a long way, but we have had some major veterinary fun and games over the years and they have never messed around. Our first dog, a Golden Retriever called Teg, snapped both her cruciate ligaments when she was about a year old – the corrective surgery and rehab cost about £10000. They paid out with no quibbles – I observed to my partner that the insurance cover that year may have been the best £300 investment we ever made!

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