Nice awareness jewellery

Most items of jewellery celebrating pride or diversity are quite stereotypical – featuring rainbows or rainbow colours. I like the two below, because they convey the same message, but in a different way. I also like products that support breast cancer research and awareness in a non-pink-ribbon way. Both causes, in my opinion, have been diluted by brands which just slap the rainbow/pink ribbon on things without trying to create awareness or actually supporting anyone or anything. Sometimes the companies have policies that are in direct conflict with the themed products they sell.

The pendant below is by Efva Attling. A percentage of the profits go to the Rainbow Foundation, which financially supports organisations and projects in countries where rainbow persons are discriminated, persecuted and killed. You have to look twice to see what it is and I think that makes you think about it more.

And this Cherish Diversity ring is by Elfin Works on Etsy . I wanted to have one custom made for me, but my fingers are small, making it impossible to have the stones or the words visible and not digging into my other fingers. Maybe a pendant would be better?

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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