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Today the sale at Stockholm’s ‘posh shop’ began. NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) is the equivalent of London’s Harrods, and many of the things I covet are only affordable to me if they are on sale. It holds several royal warrants and (like Harrods did in the UK) had the first escalator in Sweden.

NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) have had a hard time the past few years. Because they serve quite a specific clientele (cruise ships, people (often elderley) from the very affluent neighbourhood nearby, and people who work in the city), they did not have a webshop until mid-2020. Their customers came to them. [edited because this part was confusing]

So when covid hit, they lost their footfall. No cruise shops were coming to Stockholm, elderly people were told to stay at home, and people no longer worked in the city, but at home.

Last year, there were no big sales allowed, so NK had a small ‘rotating’ sale in the department store. Not many items, and never more than a few departments at a time. Slim pickings for me, which was kind of sad, as my employer gives me an NK gift card as a Christmas gift every year.

This week I was pleasantly surprised to see that the sales offerings were good, and store-wide. I bought three bargains.

  • La Mer serum at 60% off – still pricey but I would never ever be able to try it at the full price of €200.
  • Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask – one of my favourite masks ever (I received a tiny sample in a prescription box a while back). This one was incorrectly priced (about €40 too little) to begin with, and then marked 50% off. So I pounced.

  • And I bought my annual Longchamp le Pliage. I normally go for one from their regular range, but sometimes I buy limited editions on sale – for example my Neo and my blue and purple ones. This time  I decided upon a completely black one with tiny neon green accents on the side tabs, and a logo on the front. It cost me €15. I use these for overflow, for travelling, and for the past couple of years, for work and shopping (as I don’t go far). They last for ages and none of mine have any wear on the corners yet because I rotate them.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. Yes it is. I was unclear, sorry. They have had a website for a while but not a web shop. They started their web shop in about June 2020 after the pandemic hit last year. At the beginning of the pandemic you could ring them and shop over the phone, after which they would deliver in central Stockholm. Thanks Nathalie!

  1. I bought my current Longchamps Le Pliage in February 2020 (so it hasn’t seen much wear!) – medium-sized in navy blue with red trim and the short handles. It was in the sale in my local independent department store (Jarrolds of Norwich in the UK is a super resource to have within walking distance of my home) so was 50% off the original price. Not only that, but I had two gift cards to use up, so ended up spending £6.00 of my own money for this lovely bag. Whilst I have lots of other bags to choose from, the Le Pliage always seems to be just right. Previously, I’ve had the backpack version – the slim one with a zipper, not the drawstring version – and I’d buy that again like a shot.

    1. I could never get on with them before. Their lack of structure and internal pockets bothered me. But once I persevered, I became a huge fan. I like that they are a good brand but affordable, and that they are so robust and light. Not just perfect for travelling, but for every day. Mine are all the same model – large tote with long handles – but I have been wanting a backpack and a makeup bag for a long time! I am so pleased with my new purchase. I got to the sale two hours after it started and the three women in the queue in front of me were buying 3 – 4 each!

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