Large black Longhamp Le Pliage Neo tote

This is another one of my workhorses at the moment. It is a large black Longchamp Le Pliages Neo in black with long handles. I bought it because it was on really deep discount – not sure why as I think it is my favourite. It is all black, the nylon is thicker than the regular ones, and it has a heavy duty zipper.

The only downside for me is that while you can fold it, it does not have that extra popper to fasten it in the folded position. It wouldn’t isn’t a problem because you can fold it into the same shape, but I do miss that second popper.

These bags are ubiquitous in Stockholm but you don’t often see the Neo ones, particularly in black.

Let’s just say this is a Corona theme, lol! The Parliament had just received a huge shipment of toilet paper!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I’ve just put my Le Pliage Club bag into everyday use. It’s the medium size, short-handled version in navy with navy leather handles and flap edged with a thin red line, and the horse emblem embroidered in red. I love it. I bought it reduced to half price in my local department store and had gift cards that almost covered the price. At the moment, it’s exactly what I want and means I can easily tote around my A5 Fuchsia Original Filofax which officially comes into play for 2021.

  2. Janet, I love your posts. I found you a number of years ago from the Philofaxy website.
    I’m writing to share with you two ideas for your Neo.

    1) Perhaps a seamstress—a self-employed one or one who is affiliated with a dry-cleaners—could add the extra popper to your Neo tote.

    2) If you stuff your Neo with pillows, t-shirts, etc., then use a clothes steamer or a hair dryer on low or high, whichever you think is appropriate, aimed on the fold creases you’ll get the creases relax and disappear.

    ❤️ Teddie

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