Beautiful sterling silver photo ball from Cougar Cove

My paternal grandmother wore a gold locket (circa 1920) with a photo of her on one side and her husband on the other. My mother always used to wear 2 photos in a round silver locket, and for my 12th birthday I received a gold heart-shaped locket with pictures of my parents in it. I wore it for so many years that I wore the bail out.


This type of locket is in another league entirely – it concertinas so it holds 6 photographs! I have been hunting for one for ages but they don’t come up for sale very often, especially in mint condition. I finally found one!

I got it from Cougar Cove Jewelry on Etsy. I have bought jewellery from this shop several times, and also a Christine Price leather handbag. Pricing, packaging and communication are really good, and polishing instructions, polishing cloth, polishing paste etc are included in the package. My instructions were beautifully printed out in both Swedish and English. Cougar Cove also welcomes offers on any of the items they have in their shop, and ship things the same day. Shipping is free. I cannot express how nice Mary is to deal with. I am just a regular customer and she always treats me like royalty!

When you receive your parcel, it is safely packaged in a sturdy box.

Inside that box you find tissue paper, cleaning instructions in your language and English, a cleaning cloth, cleaning pase, and  another box tied with a bow

Inside the little white box is a glorious, high quality velvet jewellery box. These are really good for storing your jewellery so that other jewellery does not bump and scratch it.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  2. Have you bought a second one? I remember you bought one in December 2020.
    I’d like to see it worn ad I don’t really figure out if it’s big or not once on a chain.

    1. I bought it in December so I featured the seller’s photos. This one is my own review of it. It is quite big but on a long heavy chain it looks really nice.

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