Cat litter boxes

It is hard to believe there are so many different kinds of cat tray solutions for cats.

I have not used a plain litter tray for years because the sand gets all over the place and it can smell.

I have never used pellets either because my cats have grown up with sand. I used to catsit for my neighbour who had one of these and it worked well.

We tried a hop-in box because there is less scattering of sand all over the floor but Fluffy has arthritis and he really battled to get in and out of the box. That lasted about three days


I would love a self-cleaning litter robot but I am not sure how the cats would get on with it. Have any of my readers tried one of these?

What we have always used is one of these, in our bathroom. An extra large multiple-cat one with the door removed. There is some cat sand spillage but it works the best. We use EverClean heavy duty clumping litter which works like the bomb.

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