Quite a week coming up!

It has, and will be, quite a month for us.

Mollie has been with us three weeks now and is all settled with the boys. Wherever there is one, the other two are not far off. She settled in marvellously almost immediately. Today it seems like she has always been with us.

When Mollie arrived, she had a pretty collar with her previous owners details on it, which we removed because it was worn and the details were not longer up to date. She has had a collar all her life so we wanted to get her another one. We found a perfect one! It is nice and comfy for her. I learned a long time ago that if you are having an animal put down, you NEVER remove their collar beforehand (if they are wearing one) because they are used to it and having it removed signals that something is not right, and they know something strange is happening. I am not a collar fan for cats but if I have adopted a kitty that has always worn a collar, I keep them collared. I imagine removing a cat’s collar after years must feel strange for them.

When we went in to get a Harley Davidson hoodie for my husband and the cat collar for Mollie, we —— drum roll —– fell in love with this bike. And we bought it! It is brand new and is a 2019 Harley-Davidson FLHXSE Street Glide CVO. We had been looking at it for a while but it had been drastically reduced in price recently. Luckily we got a good trade in for our 2016 Flhxs.

We pick it up on my birthday next week and will go on our first long trip on it shortly after.  We don’t have a car but we use the motorbike a lot for long rides, so we cannot wait!




Author: Janet Carr

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