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I often find that when I plan for an exciting occasion – a holiday, a big purchase, an exciting trip – the planner entries about it are often more emotional memories than photographs or ticket stubs. These entries are often small practical jottings about when to check in, what to pack, to do lists, but they bring back a rush of memories. I used to feel the same about cheque stubs, when I still used cheques. They were like a little journal of events in my life. Some mundane, some exciting.

So when my daughter got engaged last month, I promised to buy her a wedding planner. She used an A5 Filofax throughout her university studies, so she is an experienced paper planner user.

I sent her some links, we met to go through different options, and the other day she sent me a link to one I had not seen before, with which she had fallen in love. So it has been ordered from Amazon and is on its way. Next stop, shopping for nice pens! Maybe she will allow me and my readers a peek in her planner before her wedding next year. It is going to be such a nice authentic, useful memento of her wedding.

This wedding planner is available on Amazon and eBay and is described:

You cannot add or move around pages as you would in a Filofax. On the other hand though, the content seems to be more suited to wedding planning than any of the custom ring organiser inserts we found in our travels around the internet.

For my wedding I just used a regular ring organiser calendar and notes. But our wedding was very small – 10 of us in total with a civil ceremony and a dinner. Changing my name has been more work than the actual wedding ha ha. Amanda’s wedding is going to be close to 100 guests with a wedding party and a bridal shower beforehand. Much more planning.

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