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There are different definitions (and sometimes different names) for the different generations alive today – some definitions are more narrowly defined than others.  I like that the graphic above shows what age range each generation covers. I am on the young end of the baby boomers.  Wikipedia describes Xennials thusly:

I found a really nice article which describes each generation in detail. Below is a teaser – isn’t it interesting? – and here is the rest of the article. This article describes six generations.

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are the demographic of people who were born just after the Second World War; this would give the baby boomer generation an approximate date of between 1946 and 1964 . World war two ended in a 1945, and as a rule of thumb baby boomers are the children who are born as the war ended, as families settled down again. 

Born between 1946 and 1964. Two sub-sets:
1. the save-the-world revolutionaries of the ’60s and ’70s;
and 2. the party-hardy career climbers (Yuppies) of the ’70s/’80s.
The “me” generation.
“Rock and roll” music generation.
Ushered in the free love and societal “non-violent” protests which triggered violence.
Self righteous & self-centered.
Buy it now and use credit.
Too busy for much neighborly involvement yet strong desires to reset or change the common values for the good of all.
Even though their mothers were generally housewives, responsible for all child rearing, women of this generation began working outside the home in record numbers, thereby changing the entire nation as this was the first generation to have their own children raised in a two-income household where mom was not omnipresent.
The first TV generation.
The first divorce generation, where divorce was beginning to be accepted as a tolerable reality.
Began accepting homosexuals.
Optimistic, driven, team-oriented.
Envision technology and innovation as requiring a learning process.
Tend to be more positive about authority, hierarchal structure and tradition.
One of the largest generations in history with 77 million people.
Their aging will change America almost incomprehensibly; they are the first generation to use the word “retirement” to mean being able to enjoy life after the children have left home. Instead of sitting in a rocking chair, they go skydiving, exercise and take up hobbies, which increases their longevity.
The American Youth Culture that began with them is now ending with them and their activism is beginning to re-emerge.

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