South Africa Day 9 – Addo Elephant Park

This was an amazing day. We went to Addo National Elephant Park, which is the third biggest national conservation park in South Africa. The Kruger National Park is the biggest.

We game drove for four hours, stopped for lunch, and then drove for another 90 minutes. What an amazing day. We saw over 200 elephants as well as zebra, cape buffalo, and hordes and hordes of birds and different antelope. We just missed a great lion sighting but on the plus side, an elephant walked about 30cm from the side of our car!

Video above taken by my boyfriend because the rest of us were sitting as still as possible in case the elephant attacked the car!

And these were taken by my cousin, Christine Westraadt, who has a proper camera!

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all your holiday pix. And today’s are amazing!

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  2. These are great, thanks for sharing!


    • I am thoroughly enjoying these recent blog posts! South Africa is a truly beautiful country! I absolutely loved all the latest pictures, especially the ones with the zebras!… Please keep the posts coming!

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  1. Interesting facts about elephants – Janet Carr @

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