Studio Barbara Bunke, Stockholm – beautiful paper and notebooks


While I was meandering yesterday, I spotted the bees on this shop sign first (Bugs!) and then I saw all the notebooks, pens, paper, and cards, so I just HAD to look inside. The building itself is from the 1700s. The shop is called Studio Barbara Bunke Papper & Konst.


I saw the paper and pens first, and then the wall of handmade paper goods.

Beautiful handmade books and photo albums of all different kinds. You can also see two shelves full of just ink in an entire spectrum of shades. 

There were some really really lovely handbound books – some of them are like nothing I have seen before. There are leather covered books, fabric covered books, paper covered books, and they are all beautifully made.


Pardon the reflection. I should add also that in the shelf below this one there were many gorgeous bottles of ink.
Pardon the reflection. 
Look at the bugs! I love this shop!

Here is Barbara Bunke, the owner, who is really friendly and was more than happy to show me items from the beautiful glass cabinet.

Barbara is an artist, designer and bookbinder and she works as a consultant, doing things such as wedding invitations. Her website is in Swedish but if you look at the slideshow at the top of the page and the video on the bottom, you can see her beautiful work.


There are also shelves of paper, rows of pens and gorgeous cards.


If you are on your way past or if you visit Stockholm, I really recommend visiting. Barbara is lovely and the shop is beautiful! You can find it on the internet here. I shall be going back soon!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Any place you know of where I can purchase Barbara Bunke greeting cards in the United States?

    Thank you. Richard

    1. I am not sure, but I can get her email for you so you can ask her. Perhaps she will sent them to you from Sweden. Barbara does amazing work!

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