Update on VDS Undyed and Red LV binders


The undyed has been sunning itself on my spare bedroom windowsill since about May. It has darkened somewhat but not as much as I expected. Sweden has sun almost 24 hours a day during summer, but it does not get very hot, so maybe heat would have made a difference. I think the hottest it was this summer was 29°C/84°F.

The leather did not dry out at all. This may have been because it was already well-handled and moisturised by my hands. I did not treat it.


I have used this red LV binder for a few weeks now and it has softened up so nicely. This leather is stiff to start out with but now it has become really smooshy and wraps round the contents like a hug.

I did not expect it to soften and I am glad it did because they always feel more like they belong to you when they start to change.


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Well I never dreamt this leather would become flexible. It looks so stiff. My two Vuitton wallets are very similar so what you were told about it being Vuitton overruns sounds feasible.

  2. That red colour is gorgeous.
    You only moved in to it on the 4th Sepetmber and it has already softened up in only 12 days? Wow that’s amazing!
    I am eager to see how it will become after a few weeks or months of use! 😊

  3. These are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the LV Red Leather 💜. Your pictures really show the detail and variation of color and texture. I am anew subscriber. I love your blog posts 🙂

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