When you have had a bad day….

….it is wonderful how it always always turns itself around doesn’t it?

This was what my Monday felt like…


It was one of those days when nothing major went wrong. But it was full of little disasters. I brushed the first few off and kept on smiling, but by the time I got to the tenth one I was ready to strangle something. All those little irritations are so…..IRRITATING!

Woke up after a bad night (too hot to sleep – about 27°C) and my poor ageing invalid cat had vomited next to the bed. Put my foot in it. Stood on a Lego on the way to dress after my shower. OUCH! (Man, those things hurt!). Bad (BAD) hair day. Burned myself making my tea. Missed the bus. Jammed photocopier at work. Paper cut. Spilled my coffee on my white shirt. Post Office lost a parcel. Everyone running late. So hot, humid and I had a pounding pounding headache. Long day. My favourite comfort meal was sold out at the supermarket. Underground delays on the way home so I walked. Got a major blister (new shoes). Lost my keys. Left my phone at work. A filling broke while I was flossing my teeth. I wanted to crawl into bed and sleep until Christmas.

When I did flop onto my bed, my cats did not want to cuddle because it was too hot. And I just could not sleep for the second night in a row. I cannot stand being hot! Yes I am from Africa but hot weather does not seem so bad there because everything is built to keep the heat out and the cool in. Plus everything (shops, companies) is air conditioned. Here everything is built to keep the heat in so when it is hot it is really really hot.

Tuesday started badly. I had not set an alarm (because my phone was at work) and I overslept. It was hot hot hot again. LOOOONG day – 7.30am to 8pm. Another pounding headache. But then things started falling into place.

The post office found my parcel. I had two cancellations in a row so I could finish at 4.30pm. It started to cool down. In fact, my cats were cool enough to cuddle with me! I found some nice ballet flats on sale.

And today it was fantastic. Lovely and cool (about 7°C) with a light breeze and beautiful sparkly sunshine which make Stockholm look even more gorgeous than usual. A shorter day today (8am to 4pm). I had time to watch the Chilean President unveiling a statue in the Parliament. All the colourful Swedish and Chilean flags were flying in the light breeze outside the Parliament buildings, which were also full of veterans because it was Veteran’s Day today. I got lovely gifts from the students who were finishing up their courses this week. And something really wonderful happened at work where I managed to bring two of my students from different organisations together in a total dream team. One had A and needed B. The other one had B and needed A.

And to finish it off, I went out with friends and my significant other to the Eurovision Park this evening, where we had drinks under the cherry blossoms. Stockholm is wearing all her pretty clothes in preparation for Eurovision Song Contest this weekend. Sweden has won Eurovision three or four times since I have lived in Sweden and I usually don’t watch or even notice, but this year they have really gone all out – the buses have flags flying, the postboxes have been repainted, there is a whole park devoted to Eurovision and the late spring is really pretty.

And now I am settled with a friend and my cats, with my favourite comfort food  (sweet and sour chicken and rice) on my lap, while I watch Grace and Frankie on Netflix!


So if anyone out there is having a bad day today – chin up! I am sure tomorrow will be better and if it isn’t the next day will be (despite the fact that it is Friday 13th!).

And in life, when things are even worse than small little things going wrong, they normally come right after a while. Time is a wonderful thing.

Hugs to all!

Oh, and to cheer up anyone a bit down – look at this cutie!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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