Saint Laurent Sac De Jour



This is another bag model I like – the Saint Lauren Sac De Jour. It comes in different sizes and looks reminiscent of the Birkin with its lovely clean, classic lines and the lock. I love the addition of the side pleats though.

45228343CS_14_f 45228343CS_14_e 45228343CS_14_r 45228343CS_14_d


45233888UV_14_f 45233888UV_14_r 45233888UV_14_d 45240544CX_13_f 45240544CX_13_d 45238195QT_14_f 45238195QT_14_d 45238195QT_14_e














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  1. It is an other lovely bag! So well made and with a large choice of colours.
    But have you tried carrying one once full? And l’m not talking about stuffing it with books, paper, magazines and newspapers as l usualy do. But with just the essentials for a day! It then becomes a brick!

    On the other hand the Birkin is much lighter and the leather gets softer too (with use). I’m not sure the Birkin holds as much though.

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  2. Beautiful bags (the Prada too) 🙂 However why do the best bags always have to be open at the top? I love this boxy style but as I always ride a bike and travel a lot an opentop bag is extremely inpractical 😦

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  3. I think this bag is gorgeous as well, and has a pretty handsome price tag to go with it. I know of someone who had one and sold it because she said it was really heavy. But, she carries a Birkin go figure.

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