Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It is an other lovely bag! So well made and with a large choice of colours.
    But have you tried carrying one once full? And l’m not talking about stuffing it with books, paper, magazines and newspapers as l usualy do. But with just the essentials for a day! It then becomes a brick!

    On the other hand the Birkin is much lighter and the leather gets softer too (with use). I’m not sure the Birkin holds as much though.

  2. Beautiful bags (the Prada too) 🙂 However why do the best bags always have to be open at the top? I love this boxy style but as I always ride a bike and travel a lot an opentop bag is extremely inpractical 🙁

    1. True – I feel the same, living in Sweden where it snows or rains for most of the year. If it is bad weather, an open top bag is a definite no-no!

  3. I think this bag is gorgeous as well, and has a pretty handsome price tag to go with it. I know of someone who had one and sold it because she said it was really heavy. But, she carries a Birkin go figure.

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