Shoes – who knew?


Unlike many women, I am not a shoe person and never have been. I walk a lot for work each day (between 9 and 15km) so my shoes need to be comfortable and durable. I am 6 ft tall when I wear high heels so I tend to only go for lower ones.

I generally only own flat or low-heeled boots, ballet pumps, flip flops and brogues. I wear them until they are worn out and then I go through the torture of buying new ones, wearing them in with a blister or two, and it is okay until the next time.

Recently though, I bought quite a few pairs of shoes and boots. An upmarket shop near where I work had an 80% off sale of really nice shoes and boots and so I bought 6 pairs – 1 riding boots, 1 heeled boots, two ankle boots and two pairs of brogues.

I have been wearing them in and that part has been…well….like it usually is. But I have to say I am enjoying having a larger selection of footware to rotate with my outfits. The variety really peps up my clothes. Yesterday while waiting for the underground, I was having a great time looking at my patent brogues (above) and I realised it really made a difference.

I will never be shoe crazy, and I will never like them in the way I like handbags, but I may show a little more interest in shoes in future.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I am the exact same way for different reasons! I am hard to fit because I have flat feet and very narrow heels, which mean ballet flats never work. To get them to fit in the width of my flat feet, I walk out of them due to the narrow heels. The shoes I have found that work the best for me, especially for comfort for standing all day for work is clogs made by the company called Sanitas. The clog is ergonomic and has a very good and high arch support for my lacking of one.

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