Update regarding Janet Leather Binder Zero after two months’ daily use

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As requested, here are photos of my Janet Leather binder after 3 months’ daily use. Unlike the matching undyed binder, this one has shown no ageing whatsoever on the outside. No marks, scuffs or darkening. There is some patina starting on the places I touch it the most. It feels lovely and squishy so I tend to feel it more often than the undyed.

The only marks on the entire binder are pressure marks on the front of the flyleaf. This happens to Gillio epoca leather as well. I am not sure why. I don’t mind it at all because my binders are used daily as a wallet, a planner and an extra brain and things like this just show they are earning their keep!

This binder has extensive range marks on the front, while the back is pristine. The oils from my hands have started to give it a nice patina. I don’t ever treat my binders with anything so the way they look and feel is completely natural.

It is the first binder made from Janet leather and so I am very attached to it 🙂


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Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

8 thoughts

  1. So NICE!!!!

    Thanks for sharing it…..

    It is curious about those marks on the flyleaf…..maybe signs from another dimension…..


  2. It’s gorgeous Janet! I love the range marks in front and the color! What do you keep in the zippered flyleaf? Change? That’s one thing that stops me from using my standard as a wallet because I like to use up my change so I think I would be fiddling around too much looking for change in the flyleaf. Ok, for meet-up in June it’s either Black TM, JL104 or LV Yellow… Oye decisions!….

    1. The front of the flyleaf has my coins, keys, tokens for the supermarket trolleys and discount vouchers. At the back is a secretarial flap and that is where I keep my paper money. It works extremely well.

      1. You pay to unlock them and get your money back when you return them. But you get free promotional tokens from different brands which I just keep in my bag.

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