Me in a nutshell!

My favourite seasons are autumn and winter. My favourite weather is cold, rain and snow. I like being inside, all cosy.

Why? Maybe because it suits my personality. Probably because I have had sun and heat my entire life and I have had enough of it. When I was younger I would sunbathe for four hours a day, every day, in the hottest of weather. Now I couldn’t think of anything worse.


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  1. I think so too ! My Cat, cozy throw, book, iPad or other entertainment, hot beverage of your choice, maybe a current scone drizzled with icing and rain or sleet hitting the window with a mild whistle of the wind coming past the windows of my 100 year old home! AWWWWW~

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  2. Me too, Janet. I like nothing better than needing to turn the lights on at 4.30 in the afternoon.

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