Filofax Personal Sized Brown Henley

About a week ago, Ena (who is responsible for me having my Classic Mashup my Mulberry Double binder and also for finding several eBay sellers using my photos to sell their items. She also often lets me know when she is selling rarities so that I can have first dibs. She is a wonderful person and a true friend) let me know that this beauty was on German eBay and asked if I would like it.

I have a black pocket Henley made exclusively for bloomingdales but had never seen a personal sized one. And here it is! The interior layout is the same as the Kensington, which is really really practical for use as a wallet. Another nice thing about these binders is that the basketweave effect is on both the back and the front of the binder. Most detail-rich binders have the detail only on the front.

The inserts from this one are from 1998. These are Ena’s pics – will do a review when it arrives!









Author: Janet Carr

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