AV Workshop Notebooks – Man of War and Lock and Key



These popped up in AV Workshop Etsy shop last week and I just had to. Ah, the curse of regularly checking your fave eBay and Etsy sellers for new goodies. I am going to have to stop that now because I keep seeing things I just have to have. One bad thing about good prices is that they so easily fall into your basket.

One of them has a lock charm and a key bookmark plus a clasp fastener. I collect lockable diaries and so this was the perfect theme for me. The one I wanted had just sold so Svetlana made me another one with exactly the brick constellation and the leather key bookmark I wanted.

I also bought one with a ship theme. As regular readers know, I love ships of this era (particularly the Man of War and large Ships of the Line). I wrote about this yesterday

Both of these have clasps which means you cannot stuff them but also holds the pages closed if you are carrying them in a bag. They also have spine details in the form of decorative rivets, which are really nice.

I have bought several times from Svetlana before and her service, communication, prices and product are all excellent. To be recommended. I don’t ask for or receive discount on any of my purchases so I am not giving good reviews for any other reason than that I am thrilled with my purchases. I work hard for my money so I am always happy to report on a good shopping experience and product.






All Svetlana’s books have gorgeous colour endpapers relevant to the theme of the book.

Here are my four gorgeous AV Workshop books


And this is my favourite in her shop at the moment. I have always loved grey and purple (and of course grey and pink and grey and green and grey and turquoise….grey goes with everything and is a nice subtle colour!)




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