Filofax Duplex DHLF 1/2


This one also came from Kate C and is absolutely perfect for me. I have two Grace Scurr duplexes that I would love to use but they are collector’s items so I wanted a pre-loved well-used one that I could use the way I usually use my binders without worrying about the investment value. Also, the Scurr version has no clasp fastener which makes it less practical for use in a bag rather than a pocket.

This one is well used and has a little spue on it which I will clean off over the weekend. I have some spue remover. The leather on this one is divine. I love well used leather like this. The colour of the interior pocket is stunning – almost like tortoiseshell!

This is the narrower version which was designed to fit in the pocket of military issue trousers. You can see three pages at the same time with this version. I wish there were more companies that made these.






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