Parafernalia Linea 2mm pencils

At the moment though I am using Parafernalia Linea 2mm pencils which are really nice. The lead is easy to load and remove, it retracts to give a nice blunt end so that it does not poke holes into things in my bag or pencil case. I use a lead pointer to sharpen the ends. I use 2H Koh-I-Noor leads. I like harder lead as it does not smudge. I get everything at once when I need them from Cult Pens. They have nice specials and the service is lightning fast.

They come in nice colours and arrive in a really nice triangular presentation box.



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  1. Me too. I really want one. I’ve had to buy one oof those towers of drawers for my desk. Today I need to sort out labels for pens, pencils, ink, refills etc. this looks like a really nicely designed item, and it’s a good excuse to browse my favourite local website.

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  2. These pencils look really nice. I use lots of pencil for work (translation) so l am always after nice onces to get a different feeling. I’ve been using my Cross and my Montblanc for decades but now and then l feel like a change.

    Once again, thank you Janet for letting me discover something different. Cult Pens here l come!!

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