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I am not a computer game person. I have never played Tetris, Snake, Solitaire or any Playstation or X-box (whatever they are, I cringe to say). Farmville, Candy Crush, Wordfeud – never even seen them. I never had a Tamagotchi.

But for some reason I have enjoyed playing the Facebook game, Fairyland, for four years now. I know it is four years as they sent me a birthday flower the other day to plant on my birthday. The fact that I enjoy this game is weird as I hate computer games and I hate gardening!

It not really about fairies except for the fact that your character is a fairy but it could be anything. You have level up flowers to grow for 42 levels and it is pretty straightforward. Sometimes you need to grow certain flowers in specific colours so you need to try different pots. But the main part is growing different combinations of flowers to attract different animals to your garden. Which is probably why I like it. You can choose to check off lots of different animals on your wall or you can choose to do more complicated tasks like breeding butterflies or growing topiary. For me though I just grow plants to attract certain animals and I look in other gardens for certain kinds of animals who drop the seeds I want to grow my flowers.

There are seasonal plants and challenges around special times of year as you can see below. You can choose whether to get involved in these or not – I generally don’t. BUT they had a great Halloween challenge last year where, for every Halloween animal spotted in your garden for an hour after it ripened, your pumpkin got bigger and bigger. It was great fun to see how big you could get your pumpkin to grow.

I like rainforest animals so I tend to have a rainforest garden year round with a level up flower. You can see my garden at the top of the post.

It is weird to say but I enjoy checking that it is watered and that nothing needs to be harvested. I also like seeing pretty gardens. I especially love setting up my garden so that I can attract rare and pretty animals. Am I weird?

As regards users, I have noticed a high proportion of older people who have been shown how to play by their kids and grandkids. As with any online activity there are also a number of people who take it too seriously and seem to be online round the clock. Because of the individual nature of the game though it is pretty easy to avoid them and do your own thing.

Below are some I found today which I thought were pretty.

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Do you play any of these sorts of games? If so, which one/s?

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