Chic Sparrow Tumbler Bag


Chic Sparrow is known for her Traveller’s Notebook Covers which she sells at Chic Sparrow

I have just recently seen these Tumbler bags. They are designed to hold a notebook but may also hold an organizer. I don’t use a sleeper bag, dust bag or carrying pouch for my organizers but I do like to put my journal and pens in a bag when I go sketching or to a coffee shop for some peace and quiet. This would be ideal!

Perfectly sized to fit your favorite travel journal and a few other items and go. Or simply tuck in your favorite tote, the easy grab handles make it a breeze to pull out and keeps your notebook from tumbling around.

  • durable water resistant leather
  • beautiful brown color
  • white accent stitching
  • ample room for your favorite go to items.
  • open top for easy access
  • measures (laying flat) 10 inches and 5/8 by
  • 7 inches and 3/8 (to the bottom of the handle. 9.5 inches to the top of the handle.
  • Contents not included.







Author: Janet Carr

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