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  1. Great! Thank you! It’s my early Christmas present from my boyfriend and he really likes it…

  2. Hi Janet, Would you say the Italian leathers on the VDS site are the same leather as this cognac? I received my swatches yesterday and the leading contender for my first VDS is red Italian with torrone in the interior. This combo reminds me of the beautiful Italian landcape.

    1. As I noted above, Michele, the Brandy Italian is the closest color to the Cognac.

      Since I posted above, I did receive my 3 binders with the Brandy Italian leather on the outside. Very pleased with the results.

      The Red Italian is a much brighter red color than the Cognac. Very nice, but not like the Cognac….

      Hope this helps…


  3. Really love the look of the Cognac leather!

    Has such a nice character and patina look to it….

    As vdS doesn’t have the Cognac anymore, I ordered the next closest color to it, the Brandy Italian leather….

    Hope I did good with this choice…..

    Will know soon…..

    As my binder should start production in about 2 weeks or so…..


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