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Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht
Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht

My posts about Boerboels are some of the most popular on my blog, so I thought I would make an index of my posts so you can easily find what you are looking for

  1. Video of 89kg Zero eating a goat
  2. South African Boerboel Breed Information
  3. Billabong Boerboels
  4. RIP Avalonia Waldor, My Favourite Boerboel
  5. Different Types of Boerboel
  6. Boerboels
  7. Boerboel Puppies
  8. History of the Boerboel, South Africa’s Own Dog Breed
  9. Boerboels Part 2
  10. Boerboels and Rhodesian Ridgebacks, my favourite dogs
  11. RIP Dandaloo Mack
  12. Boerboel – different body types
  13. Black Boerboels
  14. Are Boerboels Dangerous?
  15. Nala The Boerboel
  16. Beautiful Boerboels
  17. FAQs about Boerboels
  18. Veiligplek Crespo out of Middelpos Oenno and Afrika Bella
  19. Veiligplek Cay-Cay out of Middelpos Oenno and Afrika Bella IV
  20. Boerboels and Cats
  21. Linga-Longa Yvonne’s Boerboels
  22. Linga-Longa Tank
  23. Cute Boerboel Pictures
  24. History of the Boerboel
  25. Another post about Boerboel Crespo
  26. Boerboel Puppy Wolf
  27. The Beautiful Boerboel Wolf
  28. Boeboel Pancer Mandolino
  29. Veiligplek Crespo 12 – 14.5 months
  30. Janieka Swartkat
  31. Makulu Laanie Warrior
  32. In memory of Tau
  33. Boerboel Facebook Groups
  34. Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht
  35. Veiligplek Crespo
  36. My beloved Crespo’s Babies
  37. Zeus
  38. Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht’s Puppies
  39. A plethora of Boerboel puppies!
  40. Binjaly Hummer at 18 weeks
  41. Blygedacht Beer at 8.5 and 9.5 weeks
  42. RIP Coomore Makofi
  43. Marshall
  44. Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht
  45. Boerboels in Working Dog Digest (Page 49)
  46. Sirius Crespolina at 19 months
  47. Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht
  48. The Changing Shape of the Boerboel
  49. The Boerboel of 20/30/40 years ago by Nico Kilian
  50. How do you pronounce Boerboel?
  51. Coomore Frodo, owned by James Brennan
  52. Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht at the vet
  53. Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht
  54. Coomore Akula talking to his mum, Coomore Rua
  55. Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht
  56. Pancer Mandolino 
  57. Crazy Wolf’s puppies
  58. Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht
  59. 7 week old Boerboel puppy paw
  60. Boerboels and anaesthesia
  61. Land of the Boerboel (video)
  62. Boerboels and the Rhino Revolution
  63. Boerboel, 1967
  64. Klein Sandfontein Callie
  65. Crazy Wolf of Blygedacht



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. We did everything “right” with our BB and we still have issues with agression. This is not an off leash dog. She does not tolerate strangers well, large dogs or people.

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