Michael Kors Camouflage Tote

This is probably my most hideous bag, which is why I have not featured it before, but oh how useful it has been.

It looks just like my JetSet Laptop Tote but does not have the central laptop/iPad section.

When I bought my two Longchamp Les Pliages bags in nylon, I was hoping to use them for the same purpose – as overflow bags –  with the added benefit of being able to fold them up and keep them in my handbag when not in use. Unfortunately the long straps made the folded version too big and the design meant that things all landed in a pile in the middle of the bag. This one is stable so keeps things like bottles upright. It is not foldable though.






Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. I think maybe they are from a previous season, hence the reason I paid such a low price for mine on the Christmas sale. They had the camo in peach and yellow colourways.

    1. I have always wanted a Neverfull but I have been afraid that because they are so expensive, I would be afraid to overload one if I bought it. This one was so cheap I have no conscience about bashing it around and using it to carry things like frozen chicken!

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