A5 and Standard Black and Brown Van Der Spek Touch Me

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Here is a comparative post of my Touch Me binders. I have one of each colour in each size. And one of each is the old size, if that makes any sense.

I was first attracted to Touch Mes because of the full length back pocket. Once you have used one of these you tend to miss it in all other binders. These full length back pockets are fairly hard to find in larger sizes. Many Filofaxes have them in pocket size but in larger sizes it is only Gillio, Raika and Van Der Spek that have them. Another attraction is the replaceable rings, which Gillio and Van Der Spek have. They are very easy to change if you want to go up or down a size or they become damaged. Being Krause rings, they are the best on the market.

For some reason, despite people loving them, this model passed me by. Until I went to visit Van Der Spek and saw one in person. I fell totally and utterly in love. You can see it is quality leather because of the differing grain – cheaper leather tends to all look the same.

The design is excellent for use as a wallet in the smaller sizes due to the zippered pocket, the good number of credit card pockets and the full length back wallet pocket. In A5 size there are so many nice pockets all over the place – the A5 is a brilliant design

When you buy one of these binders you can specify to Petra what grain you want – smooth or pebbly or something in between. And she will find you one. If you have no preference it will be exciting to see what you get.

My own preference is pebbly. I chose two myself and Petra chose two for me. Of them, my favorite is probably my black standard size. The leather is beyond belief.

The older versions were made for smaller 25mm rings but the new ones have been widened to take both 25mm and 30mm/35mm. The older ones take the bigger rings The gold rings are sold out but I managed to get a pair when I was in The Netherlands. The poppers are, however, silver.

I absolutely love these binders. I have moved out of my brown Touch Me to test the undyed binder but if I hadn’t, I would have moved into the black one to ring the changes. I change binders often as I get bored.  Find them here. The standard and A5 size are the new, wider design but the smaller sizes are the original design.


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Author: Janet Carr

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  1. It is worth mentioning that there are a couple older model compact size Franklin Coveys which also have that full length back pocket. I own an ivory one with huge 1.25″ gold rings which is gorgeous. They come up on eBay periodically. And of course the compact FC’s take the same inserts as personal size Filofax, standard size VDS, and medium size Gillio. 🙂

  2. I’ve been considering trying life in a pocket size binder and the brown Touch Me is a strong contender in this planned experiment. I also considered having a pocket size run up as a miniature version of my A5, 180 red inside and out, gold embossed initials on the cover, golden rings. But then I would lose the useful back pocket. Decisions, decisions…

    1. Have you given this any more thought now the big back pocket is an option for VdS Custom binders, Josh?

  3. Love love love your binders!
    Do you normally use your A5 or your standard? I love A5 but I usually use the personal size because of its portability….

    1. I usually use standard as I use it as a wallet as well. My A5 stays at home and is used to keep all my admin stuff. I just cannot carry an A5 anymore. I used to have an A5 and a wallet but about two years ago I changed and what a wonderful difference 🙂

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