Yesterday I was caught in a sudden epic downpour. When I know or suspect it is going to rain, I take my large umbrella and a coated leather bag with a closed top.

Yesterday, however, it was sunny in the morning, and while I did my shopping. But on the bus on the way home the heavens opened. I was carrying (from the bus stop up 126 steps)

  • Michael Kors open-topped bag with my laptop and iPad. This I HAD to cover
  • Cath Kidston open-topped bag containing papers, books, files.
  • Grocery shopping in a large paper bag
  • a 10kg bag of superabsorbent cat litter (!)
  • my small Fulton umbrella (not really up to the task
  • 2 rather large parcels.

Well, what happened was that one end of my Cath Kidston had water running into it from the edge of my umbrella. My Gillio Medium Epoca Gold Mia Cara was sopping wet in one corner and down the spine.

photo 1-1

Sopping sopping wet

photo 2-1

You can see the rest of the binder here. It has been used constantly for a few months so you can see dings on the covers and a wear mark on the clasp

photo 2-6

After half an hour


After 45 minutes


After 15 hours – good as new

As you can see, after a couple of hours it was as good as new. This is how good leather wears. I should add also I carry this binder without any protection in my handbag with my keys and my hairbrush, I never apply any protection or moisturizing products to my leather items.

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  1. This really scared me, mostly because I don’t carry a fancy binder and I usually have a water bottle and a coffee mug in my bag. I worry about spillage, but not enough to do something about it. I really should.


  2. You were luckier than me, Janet. My gold got wet too when my small bottle of water opened in my bag. When l got back home and discovered that l emptied it and let it dry. But after 2 days l could still see a stain where the water had been. I left it on my desk for a few more days hoping the stain would go but l must admit that after about 3 weeks the stain was still there. I had to accept it was dammaged forever. I started reusing it after a while and l noticed that the stain was getting darker and darker, almost black. I ended up throwing the binder away as l was so disappointed.
    I must say that a similar accident happened to my oak Mulberry (and several times!!) and after one day it was dry and without any stain. Quality you said? 😉


    • Seems I was lucky then – maybe it is because this is the newer epoca? My Mulberry Oak Bayswater was waterlogged about ten years ago and dried up as good as new. Just a bit darker in places but it was well used so it just looked even better!


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