Gigliodoro Brown Divino A5 with gold hardware

This absolute beauty arrived a couple of days ago. Had no time to take photos until today.

I like unusual binders – not just rare ones but also ones with strange rings, locks and designs. In lieu of a lockable Aspinal ring organizer (which I cannot seem to find anywhere) I pounced on this one when Victor from Luxecadeautjes posted it at a pretty good discount in the Gillio group. I liked it as it has a flap like the Filofax Temperley but also —- a lock! And gold hardware!

All I can say is that the leather FLOORED me. Soft, the most gorgeous rich brown, pebbly and sturdy. I love it!

One rather large fly in the ointment has been that the one I received is a 3-ring binder and the one pictured in Victor’s ad was a 6-ring. But if the rings are replaceable (I have not looked that closely yet but my other Gigliodoro has replaceable rings, as do all my Gillios) then they can send me a second set. I would hate to have to exchange it as I love the leather. Swedish Burde refills would fit this one (and it came with a full set of refills) but I prefer Filofax-compatible rings.

But the leather on this beauty is absolutely beyond compare. Have not seen such beautiful leather on anything ever. Except maybe my Turquoise Manufactus notebook covers.

Will keep you posted on the rings. I just wanted to get this review up now as I am so in love with the leather.

photo 1-3

photo 2-3

photo 3-2

photo 4-2

photo 5-2

photo 5-3

photo 1-4

photo 4-3

photo 3-3

photo 2-4

photo 1-5

photo 1-8

photo 2-5

photo 4-4

photo 3-4

photo 5-4

photo 5-6

photo 1-6

And it came with this lovely freebie – a hole reinforcer applicator and two sets of refills. I have always wanted one of these!

photo 5-1


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It looks divine! I think the one I’m waiting for may be a darker brown, not sure yet.

    The photos Victor sent me are a 6 ring but I’m fine if it’s a 3 ring like this as my FC Classic/DT Desk inserts will fit and I have tons of those which I use on a daily basis.

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