A Filofax and Chloé day

Hair still damp but at least it was cool! Campomaggi cuff, Fossil watch, Superdry t-shirt, Evisu Jeans, Vasuma glasses, elephant Chloé Elvire bag, and in the dust bag on the other side, black Chloé Elvire. Red Gillio pen, black Kensington Filofax

Today I was meeting someone who was interested in buying my black Chloe Elvire bag. I got there early so went to the charity shop where I found, for the first time, a couple of organizers. There were 2 Duffy ones and one personal Filofax domino in red.

I also found a black leather purse/makeup bag/pencil box in the style I have been looking for for years for £1. Delighted!

I then went down to the café where I sat and made some notes for the coming week. It is going to be a hectic one both professionally and privately so I needed to have it all down on paper as I am very forgetful when I am juggling lots of things at once.

I have three Chloe Elvire bags – a brown, a black and an elephant. My favorite is the brown, closely followed by the elephant and then the black. The buyer wanted the black one but I took the elephant one as well (used it as my bag for the day) just in case she would prefer that one. It is the most stunning colour and leather. The black is as well but the elephant is an unusual colour.

I was not sure how I would recognize the buyer but I looked up and knew it was her instantly. Beautiful, super-stylish and carrying the most wonderful green Chloé Edith. I think it was a meeting of minds and we nattered away over coffee about handbags. A-S decided to take the elephant instead of the black – I think it was love at first sight.

I am so glad she was happy with it. I always try to sell my bags to the buyer in person so that they can look and feel and get to know them. I never want anyone to feel disappointed when they buy something from me, or feel that I have not described it correctly.

And I am so glad it will be well loved in its new home. Sounds silly I know but there you have it. Thanks A-S it was lovely to meet you!

photo 3-1
Charity store find – I have been looking for one of these for absolute ages!
photo 1-2
2 zips – so delighted!

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