Size Comparison between Gillio Mia Cara and Filofax – pocket, personal and A5

I have previously written an article called ‘Plain Truths about the Gillio Mia Cara‘. There is no getting around the fact that they are bulky, heavy binders. The binder in a binder is a whole lot of leather. If you can get around that they are brilliant!

If you are not sure and would like some pictorial evidence, here is a photo-comparison of Mia Caras and Filofaxes plus a Van Der Spek. I chose to compare the Decos to the Mias because they are the bulkiest Filofaxes I own due to the lock. And the Siena is the most like the Mias in terms of leather. Plus the Van Der Spek has 35mm rings so it is bigger than the average Filofax.

  • Pocket Gillio Epoca Gold Mia Cara and Pocket Filofax Amethyst Deco
  • Medium Gillio Epoca Gold Mia Cara and Personal Filofax Ivory Deco
  • A5 Gillio Epoca Gold Mia Cara and A5 Filofax Cinnamon Siena
  • A5 Gillio Epoca Gold Mia Cara and A5 Van Der Spek


photo 1


photo 3





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