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By the time you read this I will have been using a Jawbone UP24 for almost a day. I am really excited to see how it works.

I already use a SILVA pedometer which is always in the bottom of my handbag (I find it works better than the phone app ones) and have been measuring my steps for years. I tend to walk between 12 500 and 18 000 on busy days, and about 5000 on quiet ones. Luckily my work keeps me very active.

What I am very interested in tracking is my sleeping patterns. I know there is an app to track them but I have enough trouble sleeping without worrying about my phone falling out of the bed as I toss and turn.

I have always battled to sleep. Right from when I was a baby, through childhood and adulthood. Even when I am exhausted I cannot sleep. I have tried everything but have finally come to terms with it – I am far more productive than I would be if I slept for 8 hours a day.

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Mine is a black one, size small. I tend to wear things on my wrists anyway so it will not be a problem to adjust.

The differences between the Jawbone UP and the Jawbone UP24 seem to be that the plethora of colours for the UP have been replaced by just black and persimmon (orange) in the UP24. The pattern on the UP24 is wavy whereas the pattern on the UP is crosshatched.

The UP24 syncs via Bluetooth so you do not have to manually manage anything.

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