Now THIS is a purple binder!


I just had to feature this binder on my blog. I absolutely adore purple. Whenever I buy something I tend to get it in black and purple, if it is available in purple. I love true pure purples that tend to the blue side rather than to the red side.

Everyone knows I love Van Der Spek products – their prices, workmanship and the customisation possibilities are amazing and so rare these days. How often can you customize a design from start to finish for a very reasonable price and have it in your hands in about three weeks?

So Brittney’s gorgeous custom designed Van Der Spek just spoke to me the moment I saw it.

The specs on this one are

  • 334 standard (personal) size
  • No stiffener (you can choose to have stiffener if you prefer)
  • Gold rings (silver rings are also available)
  • Purple 6216 on outside
  • White 6201 on inside
  • White stitching outside
  • purple stitching inside
  • price €115/£95/$157

Other options available are embossing and extra pen loops.

According to Brittney it is buttery soft and the leather is better than any high end handbag she owns (and she owns quite a few – her limited edition Mulberry Bayswater made me swoon!)

These binders are available with an option of 35 inch rings in A5 size, and hopefully in the not too distant future will be able to have an option of 30mm rings in the personal size. The rings on all binders are replaceable.

All products are made in-house.

Find the Facebook group here and the Van Der Spek website here

Imagine it lined with this purple (arrowed)?
Imagine it lined with this purple (arrowed)?






Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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    1. If you want to order your best bet would be to join the Facebook group where we can help you with the process. Or you can email them at and let them know what colour you would like. You can give Petra a link to this article so she knows which one you are interested in.

  1. That is a beaut binder. I’d be terrified of that white though. Well played for being so brave! It looks so nice together.

  2. Thank you for taking note of this beautiful binder. I am honored to be featured on you blog.

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