On its way to me – Blue/Purple Minobossi

I am so happy about this one!

I previously wrote about Sara Jean’s Minobossi binder here, and Sara Jean wrote about it herself here (all the photos below were taken by Sara Jean). I found this binder too beautiful with the gorgeous Gillio-like ruler, the gold rings (I just adore gold rings) and its blue/purple hue.

I really desired this binder and desperately wanted to ask Sara Jean to bear me in mind if she ever decided to sell this organiser. But I thought better of it each time because it seemed like such a cheek! I knew that the chances of finding another one were pretty much zero but still I was a bit shy to ask.

Two days ago I received notification that Chrissie had tagged me on a ‘for sale’ post in The Filofaxes and Pens for Sale Site – and there was the binder on eBay! With 2 hours to go! I was so excited. Set my bid – and WON!

So this baby is on its way to me as I am writing this (was shipped yesterday). After I saw it on eBay, I contacted Sara Jean to tell her that I had really wanted it so badly but was too shy to ask, and she told me I should have just asked and it would have been mine immediately.

So there is a lesson for me – and all my readers. If you don’t ask, you never know! I am not usually reticent but in this case I was, and I almost lost out.








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