How do I love thee Buttercup? Let me count the ways


I decided to bite the bullet and buy a Buttercup Ostrich when I saw Susanna’s at the Stockholm meet up. I just couldn’t put it down – it was so soft and supple and smooshy.

This one is Susanna's
This one is Susanna’s

And here is mine – front and back

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And in comparison, below is a Savannah, which is mock ostrich. A Savannah is a very high quality binder and not cheap. Yet you can see the difference between the two.


So first of all the leather is sublime. It is firm yet puffy, bumpy yet smooth. It is also extremely hardwearing. I have never babied mine and yet it does not have a mark on it. I am hard on my binders. I throw them in my handbag where they jostle around with all the contents including keys and hairbrush. I pull them out at least five times a day. I open and close the rings multiple times a day. Because I use it as a wallet, the cards, zippers and flaps are used several times a day as is the planner section.

Secondly, the rings are replaceable. And it is very well designed. Each inch of space is utilised – from slit pockets at each end, to flap pockets under each ring protector. The credit card slots are very practical. Being horizontal it is easy to fit in my most used cards and very easy to use them.

I have been using it as a wallet and planner since the day it arrived. And I have no desire to move out – after six weeks!

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After using it for almost two months I can see myself using this one indefinitely. Maybe in combination with an A5 but this one is going to be very hard to move out of. Which is EXACTLY what Susanna said to me at the meet.

If anyone is considering investing in one of these, I would definitely recommend it. It is pricey, yes but it is something which you will want to use forever, and something you will be able to hand down to your children.

I bought mine from Mayfair Stationery on It was discounted by 30% and offered free shipping.

And just in case you are still sitting on the fence, here are two more people who love their Ostrich Filofaxes – Roanne and Deborah

me with Susanna's Ostrich
Me with Susanna’s Ostrich

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Hi Janet,

    Love your new Ostrich!! Did you have to deal with customs and import fee from the US to your location? I’m in The Netherlands so expect taxes and import fees to be pretty heavy IF I decide to take the plunge and invest in one, like you did 🙂
    Congrats on yours!

    1. Thank you! No I did not have to pay customs or import. All I did was check on the customs website that it was okay to bring ostrich into the country without a special permit.

  2. Awwww, this is such a lovely post. You look so cute and happy sitting with your pile of Filofaxes on your lap, and so excited demonstrating how beautiful and useful the ostrich leather one is… I love the idea of the Filofax and can see how you are so enamored with them. I haven’t ever got one because of the weight issue of carrying one around with me. I carry only life essentials in a rucksack bag because my shoulders and back ache quickly. But reading this post has made me reconsider… maybe I might just squeeze one in somewhere….. 🙂

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