Best Places to Buy Filofaxes Online


With the wonders of Google Translate or a web browser like Google Chrome, you can translate just about any website into your language. Most sites will take orders from other countries. If they do not, you can always ask someone in the Filofax community from that country to help you. If you build up a good reputation on eBay, with a particular store or seller, or within the Facebook Filofax community, you will always find someone willing to help you. Be willing also to reciprocate when someone needs similar help from you.

  • If you register on the sites below for news via email you will receive special  discounts and advance notice of upcoming sales and specials.
  • Be aware that customs and duties could be payable if you buy from countries outside your tax zone.
  • Always use a safe method of payment such as Paypal. Avoid anyone who asks you to pay via Western Union. With Paypal, if you have a problem you need to take action within 45 days of making the transaction.

Filofax – I have made this clickable through to the UK site as that site is in English.

Amazon – I have also, as above, linked to the UK site.

eBay – this is probably the best place to find a bargain if you regularly prowl for Filofaxes and set saved searches. See my buying on eBay tips here

Etsy – this site is great for original and unusual binders made by Etsy crafters. Vintage Filofaxes often pop up here and this is not a place most people would look for them so you can stumble over bargains.



Online thrift and vintage shops – these will come up on a general Google search. Some of them are also on eBay. I have had luck establishing rapport with the owners, who then contact me if they find something they know I will like.

Adspot on Philofaxy – can’t recommend this one enough!

Local sites such as:

Gumtree  You can even buy from ones outside your area if the seller is willing to ship to you, or if you know someone in that area who will help you with your purchase.

Tradera and Blocket are two local Swedish sites for example. Tradera is an auction site and Blocket is a bulletin board. You can use Chrome to translate and, as above, locals to buy for you if necessary.

Maarkplats is a Dutch site

Trademe is a New Zealand site

Remember other tips and tricks like contacting a Filofax site (or any online retailer for that matter) and asking if they have items which are not listed. I have found many Vintage Pink Maldens this way. Even if something is sold out, there may be returns which have never made it back onto the website.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. hi janet! any idea how i could get my hands on the personal size red topaz filofax? been to every single website known to man! any guidance is appreciated

    1. Have you looked in the Facebook buy and sell groups? I have seen a few pop up recently. There are a few red pockets for sale at the moment

  2. Hello! For the WH Smith site, have you ordered there before? I am having issues with making an account because of the phone number format.

    1. Are you in the UK? The last time I ordered I was working in the UK and it worked fine but I cannot remember the format as it was then. Perhaps an email to them may help and provide you a better answer than this one. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

      1. Janet, I live in the USA. :/ I would love to live in the UK or at least visit but…I will send an e-mail. Thank you for your help. Have a lovely day.

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